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Kodak Directview CR 800

Kodak Directview CR 800


The CR 800 processes cassettes quickly and has an intuitive user interface.

  • Process up to 62 cassettes an hour.
  • Cassette is ready to reuse in less than 39 seconds.
  • Review an image in under 33 seconds at a Kodak DirectView remote operations panel.
  • Forward directly to multiple DICOM destinations such as a laser imager, diagnostic workstation, or archive without review if desired.
  • Print the first image on film in less than 106 seconds using a Kodak DryView 8900 laser imager.
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Up to 24 profiles
  • 15″ touch screen
  • 528 lb (239.4 kg)

Dimensions:  H 59.5 in. (151.1 cm), W 25 in. (63.5 cm) D 29 in. (73.6 cm)

Price: Call or email for price.