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Lunar Prodigy

product one



PartPart NumberCondition/ termsImage
PartPart NumberCondition/ termsImage
Xord BoardLNR 0370Used/tested Outright
Transverse Dexa Direct Drive Belt LNR0704Used/tested Outright
Detector Daut. BrdLNR5251Used/tested Outright
Limit SwitchLNR 4737Used/tested Outright
Detector Mother BoardLNR5269Used/tested Outright
SBC BoardLNR5447Used/tested Outright
Centent: Anti- Resonance Microstep DriveLNR 5801Used/tested Outright
Foink (Revision D)LNR6814Used/tested Outright
DetectorLNR6827Used/tested Outright
Tube HeadLNR6838Tube/ reload Exchange
Omi Encoder WheelLNR 6842Used/tested Outright
C level CardLNR7102used
Omi BoardLNR7366Used/tested Outright
High Voltage Power SupplyLNR 7681Used/tested Outright
Tube HeaadLNR8743New reload
Lower CableLNR8913New
Collinator AssyLNR8915Used/tested Outright
HV Positive CableLNR8916New and Used
HV negative CableLNR8917new and used
Dual Femur PositionesLNR40373
GeckoDriveLNR 40213Used/tested Outright
DMB boardLNR40262uses
Upper cableLNR40542new
Longitude Drive Belt LNR 42617Used/tested Outright
Power SupplyMBAA-40WAUsed/tested Outright
Line Filter15EHT1Used/tested Outright
Power SupplyMD24-4.8-AUsed/tested Outright
Power SupplyMB28-1-AUsed/tested Outright
Low Voltage Power SupplyGLM75PUsed/tested Outright
Solid State RelayW6210DSX-1Used/tested Outright
Power One DC Power SupplyHB12-1.7AUsed/tested Outright
Gear HeadH0080-122Used/tested Outright
Gear Head2GK12.5KA-D14Used/tested Outright
Step MotorSTH-56D203Used/tested Outright
Control PanelLNR 40196Used/tested Outright
IBM Power SupplyMQT154A1Used/tested Outright