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Kodak Dryview 8700

Kodak Dryview 8700


Kodak Dryview 8700 X-ray Processor / Laser Printer           

DryView systems are true dry  laser imagers that deliver high-resolution images for all standard film sizes.  So, you can count on superior greyscale and superb, continuous-tone images for  every application.

DryView laser imagers  automate the quality-control process with Kodak’s patented Automatic Image  Quality Control (AIQC) system. AIQC, a standard feature on every imager,  ensures contrast, density, and other parameters automatically meet preset user  preferences, film-to film and lot-to-lot.

The Kodak 8700 is ideal for  CT, MRI, DSA, Ultrasound and other high-volume 14×17 applications. The Model  8700 delivers exceptional speed and diagnostic image quality, produced by laser  diodes that never touch the film or wear out.

Multiple formats: 1:1, 2:1,  4:1, 6:1, 9:1, 12:1, 15:1, 16:1, 20:1 PACS-link connectivity converts image  data from legacy modalities to DICOM or receives DICOM image data over a  network.

The Kodak 8700 is a  continuous tone laser imager with integrated photothermographic film developer.  The 8700 uses 14 X 17 inch (35X43cm) laser imaging film supplied in 125 sheet  daylight load packages. 

  • Unprecedented speed and image quality
  • Up to 120 films per hour for maximum productivity 
  • 78-micron laser spot spacing, 325-dpi resolution 
  • Continuous-tone images with up to 4,096 gray levels
  • Consistent resolution from application to application 

Price: Call or email for price.