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IDC 1600 Plus X3C

IDC 1600 Plus X3C
The DR 1600 Series X3C IDC system is a comprehensive Digital radiology studies.


1600 X Series is a comprehensive solution for Digital Radiology with floor-mounted. A Stand with positioning device multi-shaft U-arm that supports the Detector’s latest IDC Series X with CCD technology, including the x-ray tube, collimator and a powerful and reliable high frequency generator, all integrated in a compact and clean, footprint that can be installed in a variety of locations.


Designed for all Radiology environments: hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, private clinics and orthopedic clinics. 1600 X Series provides a total solution to any of these places. The configuration of arm ‘U’ speeds up positioning of the patient and increases the ability to capture images, including table tests, without causing discomfort to the patient.


It allows the digital x-rays in DICOM 3.0 format processed in a work station under the dedicated software Magellan, from using simple and intuitive, which commands also comprehensively generator and automatic exposure control parameters.


The Digital Detector can be used for all kinds of radiographic tests, thanks to its large-format 43 x 43 cm, its high resolution of 9 megapixels and dynamic range of 14-bit.


> The Detector matrix: full-field, a VHD CCD
> The active Area size: 43 X 43 cm without overlay
> Pixels: 3.072 X 3.072 (9.4 Mega pixels)
> Pixel size: 144 µm
> Nominal resolution (Nyquist): 3.4 lp/mm
> Dynamic range: 14 bit
> Capture factor: 100%
> AEC ionization chamber: 3 courses
> Presentation of image: less than 5 seconds
> Image processing: 10 seconds


> Movement variable of the distance from the source to the image fully motorized with automatic stops at 100 and 180 cm.
> Vertical movement motor with automatic stop at the exact height of the table of the patient, allowing quick and easy positioning.
> Fully motorized rotary movement
> Automatic positioning of low table chest
> Intelligent anti-collision system


Generator and RX tube
> High-frequency 50 to 64 kW.
> Generator control integrated with image acquisition software
> Tube of rays X Dual, 150 kVp, 400KHU and 600 KHU