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GE AMX III Mobile X-Ray System

GE AMX III Mobile X-Ray System


MX-75 Rotating X-ray Tube
Brand New Lead Acid Batteries
Standard Outlet Rechargeable
Self Propelled Variable Speed 0-1.75Mph
Electronic Braking
Dials & Analog Meter Controls
24 Step kV Selection 50 To 125
28 Step mA Selection .6 To 320
Manual Collimator Includes Light Field & Tape Measure
Tethered Remote Exposure Control

• Operates bedside at full power with auxiliaries without a power connection.
• Variable speed, forward and reverse.
• Constant-potential output makes 100 mA rating equivalent to 200 mA single phase conventional generators.
• Rechargeable battery pack has a capacity of 10,000 mAs measured @ 100 kVp; proportionally more mAs at lower kilo voltages.
• Silicon high-voltage rectifiers and solid state timer for consistent results.
• Solid state high frequency inverter.

Price: Call or email for price.